Why You Should Let Your Kids Use Social Media

Why You Should Let Your Kids Use Social Media

Today, social media is just another part of being a member of society – so your kids need to participate! Especially if they are nearing the age of 13, like mine.

That said, as parents we want to keep our children safe while they are using social media.

I logged some time on the interwebs last week and found a few ways to keep them safe online – including a few security products/services that seem to work.

Best Practices

Protecting your kids when they are using social media isn’t as simple as installing a software package (see some of those below). It mainly involves being proactive in enforcing internet safety by educating your kids and by following up and monitoring their activity. Here are some of the best practices that … Continue Reading

Don’t Just Give It Live It

Don’t Just Give It Live It

The image that pops into our heads when we hear about charitable donations is that it involves giving money, food, books and other material stuff. This is the image that has been painted by most of the modern day charity industry.

To me, though, the best kind of charity work does involve giving – just not cash or material items. I prefer another type of charity – donating my time.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against giving money and donating stuff to help others! In fact, I encourage people to give whatever they can.

Here are the reasons why I prefer donating my time vs. writing a check.

Charity is about the recipient.

So why give your time vs. giving money (or other material items)? My answer: donating … Continue Reading