My Summer Recipe For Healthy Fruit Popsicles

With the long, hot school vacation ahead of us, I have found myself considering different summer recipes to keep the kids cool and refreshed. The easy option for most parents is to get a pack of store-bought popsicles and some ice creams to keep in the freezer.

I don’t mind the kids having one as an occasional treat if we were on a day-out to the beach or an amusement park. What I don’t want is them constantly eating all that sugar and those additives every time they play out in the garden.

My solution was to look into making my own fruit popsicles to give them something little healthier. These frozen treats with real fruits and yogurt or fruit juice are a big hit.
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Homeschooling Science Courses For Grades 1-6

Berean Builders, a set of science texts for elementary school children by Dr. Jay L. Wile, who is known for his Apologia series for upper grades. If you’re a homeschooling parent looking for an exceptional science curriculum for your elementary school age children, the Berean Builders series comes with my highest recommendation.

It will be especially helpful for you if you want your kids to experience a Christian approach to science education. At present, the there are 4 books in the series. An additional book is currently being written, and the complete series will have a total of 5 books. The science textbooks will cover, the beginning of science, ancient world history of science, the scientific revolution, historical scientific concepts, and finally the industrial age. Continue reading Homeschooling Science Courses For Grades 1-6

MathWorks! Textbook Review For Grades 5-6

Math Works textbooks are the perfect choice for homeschooling moms, especially if your child needs some extra review and practice with key concepts. Available only for grades 5 and 6, the texts are a remediation course for pupils who have had trouble in mathematics up to grade 4.

Created by the same company that produces the Singapore Math and Primary Mathematics texts, the Math Works books review the foundation and concepts taught in primary mathematics, but they also introduce new concepts, albeit more slowly than in the standard Primary Mathematics books. Because of these factors, students who previously used another company’s textbooks for primary mathematics can be successful with the Math Works textbooks. Though they proceed more slowly through concepts than other Singapore Math textbooks do, they cover the same scope and follow a similar sequence to comparable math texts; they do not omit any important concepts. In fact, they retain the basic layout and methodology of the Singapore Math system for primary mathematics. Continue reading MathWorks! Textbook Review For Grades 5-6

Should You Go On Vacation By Yourself? A Momcation?

Being a stay-at-home mom of young children is not simply hard work, it is a full time job that deserves a little mandatory holiday thrown in. The idea of a Momcation may sound terrifying when your kids are small, especially if you have never been separated from them for longer than a day in Kindergarten, but temporary separation could do you both the world of good.

Take a step back from the chaos and anxiety of being a Mom, put their father in charge for the week and relax with some much needed “you” time. Continue reading Should You Go On Vacation By Yourself? A Momcation?

Make Your Life More Meaningful By Using Yoga

Did you know that meaningfulness is better than happiness?

Did you know that a meaningful life makes you productive, focused and feel confident at its least?

Yes! The pursuit of meaning is a guarantee of living a unique life. Studies have revealed that yoga is the secret to finding meaning in your life? How? It is not just a routine exercise: it goes beyond just burning calories. Read on to get the gist on how yoga helps you to find the purpose in your life and the environment that surrounds you. Continue reading Make Your Life More Meaningful By Using Yoga

Reviewing the Leesa Mattress

For fifteen years, my hubby and I have been sleeping on a spring mattress. However, we recently both agreed that it was time to buy a new mattress. We opted for a new queen sized mattress that we found online; we hadn’t even actually laid eyes on it before.

To be honest, we actually bought three mattresses before. All of them we purchased online, because you can return them risk-free (check out for an exhaustive list of mattresses available online).

Eventually, we both unanimously agreed on one, the “Leesa” mattress. Remember Goldilocks? Well, I am actually starting to feel a bit like her; having three beds and all. All the same, getting enough and sufficient sleep is extremely important to me, and more so if you fall under the category of “busy moms” like I do.

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Always Remember (v2)

How I Medicated to Deal With 9/11

Something happens to people when tragedy strikes; some people break, others cower in fear yet the majority of people who live through the tragedy are made stronger by it.

Such is the case of a large percentage of Americans in the aftermath of 9/11. During the collapse of the Twin Towers, we all felt as though our comfortable and safe world had come to an abrupt, cruel end. Especially those who lost loved ones in the attacks.

As an American, I feel as if all the lives lost on that fateful day were close loved ones to me. At the very least, we were kindred spirits, all minding our own business and living in the greatest country in the world.

The big question is, what is the long-term impact on us from a tragic event like this? Especially the families of the victims? And, is there a proper role for prescription drugs in dealing with the loss? Continue reading Always Remember (v2)

The 6 Best Yoga Poses for Kids

I used to be a daily practitioner of yoga and meditation a few years ago. Now that sleep deprivation and morning sickness have become part of my past, I am confident and ready to embrace this craft once more.

This time around, however, I am focused on making it part of my routine instead of simply passing it out as just another one-off form of exercise for when I have free time (which is never).

I must admit, I am finally approaching that stage in my life where my children have developed an interest in Yoga and greatly lost interest in interrupting my sessions.

In as much as this might seem like good news, there is still a lot of jumping and pulling of hair taking place during my sessions. Such occurrences make it almost impossible to complete an asana.

This being the case, I made a resolve bring my kids into the routine rather than focusing on trying to work around them. Continue reading The 6 Best Yoga Poses for Kids

Do Study Drugs Work As Advertised?

Between all the sorority mixers, club meetings, games, and internships, it’s difficult for college kids these days to find time to study.

But what’s a girl to do when the clock strikes midnight and she hasn’t even begun to study for her 9 a.m. exam scheduled for the following morning?

Many college level and high school students have discovered a dangerous solution to better and more intense concentration, it’s ‘study drugs’.

Studying With Chemicals

Study drugs refer to legal prescription stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall that are inappropriately used in order to increase a person’s general focus as well as their productivity for the sole reason to study better.

four most popular study drugs
The 4 most popular study drugs

Also known as ‘smart drugs’, these pills are usually prescribed to treat real issues like ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) or narcolepsy.

As a mom with two young children, working, and going to school part time, I’ve turned to prescription drugs more than once to help me get by.

But looking back now, it’s amazing to me how much I got hooked on Adderall.

To be clear, I abused Adderall.  I was never diagnosed with ADHD.

But because of my hectic schedule, I heard it could help me stay sharp, even when I was dead tired.

So it did…for awhile. Continue reading Do Study Drugs Work As Advertised?

Top 5 Apps for Home Schooling Parents

When I started searching for educational apps to help me homeschool my now-tweens, I realized there are probably more apps out there than kids who are home-schooled.

There are more than a thousand applications related to learning and teaching, actually. However, not all of them are appropriate for homeschooling parents.

In a bid to make the life of other homeschooling parents easier, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best homeschooling apps I use – based on usefulness, ratings and recommendations. Continue reading Top 5 Apps for Home Schooling Parents