Use The New Year To Start Yoga With Your Children

The New Year always encourages us to start over fresh.  We tell ourselves that it’s like blank paper on the art table. The options are limitless for what you can formulate. During these pandemic days, you can start yoga with your children.  As we plan our workouts for the forthcoming weeks, turn to nature, and at this period of change from one year to another, think of this butterfly. Butterflies … Read More

Try Family Yoga During The Covid-19 Pandemic

This week, COVID-19, like a tsunami, finally smashed us, wiping away our ordinary routines and leaving us in a strange new state.  Coronavirus cases in the U.S. have multiplied every day, schools and many organizations have closed their doors indefinitely, and public health officials have urged everyone to stay home except for essential activities.

Some municipalities have also ordered citizens to shelter in place.  Navigating this uncharted territory has … Read More

Safe Prenatal Yoga Poses During Your Pregnancy

Using Prenatal Yoga Exercising during your pregnancy stages is a superb way to take care of you and your child. It may also help you adjust and prepare your body and mind for any pregnancy requirements and complications that you might face particularly during the last three months

Prenatal Yoga during pregnancy will help you make space for both your baby and your internal organs. However, be sure you just … Read More

Seven Health Benefits of Yoga For Women After 50’s

Back in 2013, I remember reading an article detailing how a 94 year old senior was keeping herself stress-free, positive and physically healthy simply by practicing yoga.

At the time, I must admit that my first thoughts were that this was just a lie to hype up yoga and make more people buy into it. However, after hours of researching and skimming through different pieces of information, I came to … Read More

Busy Moms Practice Yoga Poses At Home To Stay In Shape And Relax

Your time is very precious. We live in a fast-paced life. Make every second count. Yoga is designed to create openness and space in your body, and ultimately give you back your sense of time and perspective.

Practicing yoga sometimes can seem like a luxury and time-consuming. However, the way we live our lives, the time you spend practicing yoga also has to be done in the best to use … Read More

Make Your Life More Meaningful By Using Yoga

Did you know that meaningfulness is better than happiness?

Did you know that a meaningful life makes you productive, focused and feel confident at its least?

Yes! The pursuit of meaning is a guarantee of living a unique life. Studies have revealed that yoga is the secret to finding meaning in your life? How? It is not just a routine exercise: it goes beyond just burning calories. Read on to … Read More

The 6 Best Yoga Poses for Kids

I used to be a daily practitioner of yoga and meditation a few years ago. Now that sleep deprivation and morning sickness have become part of my past, I am confident and ready to embrace this craft once more.

This time around, however, I am focused on making it part of my routine instead of simply passing it out as just another one-off form of exercise for when I have … Read More