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Some homeschool parents are searching for additional educational opportunities beyond one-on-one time at home. Maybe the parents work, perhaps they have a toddler they don’t want to teach math, or perhaps they need a quiet day to clean the house! No matter the reason, a tutorial is an excellent option for many homeschooling families.

What is a Tutorial? lists tutorial in its own noun form to mean:

“a class in which a teacher provides intense instruction in a certain subject to an individual student or a small group of pupils.”

A tutorial is a fee-for-service class. Tutorial programs or co-ops are class services not covered in schools, though many cover schools have a tutorial program. Most cover schools don’t require students to take any courses outside the home.

Teachers can be parents/professionals having an interest and expertise in the topic or certified teachers (who are also home-educating parents.) Tutorials may be complete courses or a portion of a session (eg, the writing part of a high school English course).

The role of the parent and the pupil vary with each tutorial. Some tutorials provide complete services such as testing, grading, and certificates of completion, while others might anticipate some teaching or grading by the parent. Most tutorials meet weekly or biweekly with home-based assignments for independent study by the student.

Typically, a tutorial will be an organized group hiring tutors to instruct specific subjects to the students. Some tutorials offer a structured program that you follow on the tutorial day and at home on a specific timeline.

Some tutorials are more for enrichment classes and regular community. Numerous tutorials specialize in more specific types of classes like music & arts.


Here Are 15 Online Home School Programs


A master in the production of Web-based, artificially intelligent educational software. The software provides parents with all the education and support required to home-school a child in Math.

2. Connections Academy

Offers a Strong free home school program. Connections Academy provides a new type of public school that students can attend from home. The program combines experience, parental involvement and responsibility, and flexibility of classes.

Video Source: Connections Academy


3. eHarvey

An online school combines three complementary technologies to offer a flexible, strong, and supportive learning experience.


A fully accredited K-12 online school offering mathematics, science, social science, health, computer science, English, and much more. Tuition is reasonable for this particular program.

5. Learning Things

Suggests books depending upon the home schooler’s grade level. The books can be purchased online directly from their website.

6. Home School Super Center

One-stop store offering over 25,000 home school curriculum products. It’s a site that is quick and simple to use.

7. Easy Fun School

A wonderful resource with above 1,500 tutorials of free science projects, unit studies, history activities, and much more with tutorials. These resources help to make homeschooling fun and simple for both child and parent.

8. A To Z Home’s Cool

Since 1997, it has been one of the most extensive and comprehensive home school resources on the Web.


9. Wikipedia

Studies have proved that Wikipedia is as accurate as Encyclopedia Britannica. And if you’re searching for mainstream information, Wikipedia can be a source for homeschoolers to consider. When you’re reading an article, lots of the subjects become clickable – that lets you find out more about subjects that are relevant to the topic you’re currently researching.

10. Forgiveness Education

Why do we teach basic education skills but avoid teaching them how to win against the effects of severe injustices? Learning to forgive defends your kids from the people who are unfair to them, the protection they will use now and in adulthood. Forgiveness teaching centers on inherent worth, moral respect, kindness, love, and generosity.

11. Middlebury Interactive

You do not have to know a foreign language to begin your child on the subject of bilingualism! The immersive K-12 world language classes in French, Spanish, German, and Chinese direct pupils in an online-based and supportive environment. Courses can be taken as a self-paced, self-study, or under the direction of a certified virtual teacher as per the requirements of all homeschool families.

12. Beautiful Feet Books

We believe literature has the ability to unlock history and make it come alive for students. Thus we’re dedicated to providing parents history programs with the most high-grade literature possible, study leads to make each program easy to implement, and the guarantee that your history education will come alive. For the last 30 years, our history programs have helped tens of thousands of kids acquire a love of learning by telling history through literature.


13. Math without Borders

Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Calculus, Precalculus — A good teacher communicates the love of learning, profound understanding, and encouragement you cannot get out of a textbook. Math is easier, although not when watered down, but when properly instructed. The Math Without Borders Home Study Companion series offers a comprehensive high school math practice for homeschoolers by linking the most efficient existing textbooks with continued teaching by an expert teacher.

14. Time4Learning

Time4Learning online PreK — 12th Grade Curriculum includes printable worksheets, tens of thousands of student-paced (multimedia) lessons, and graded activities for Language Arts, Math (including Algebra), Social & Science Studies, in addition to high school electives. Time4Learning offers student-paced learning and adjustable grade levels to support the individual child’s requirements. Lesson ideas and comprehensive reporting plans make record-keeping simple. All for $19.95/month. 100% satisfaction guarantee within 14 days. No Contracts.

15. Go Math!

Academy-Go Math! Academy is an online learning program based on our trusted curriculum used throughout the country by homeschools.

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