Should You Go On Vacation By Yourself? A Momcation?

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Being a stay-at-home mom of young children is not simply hard work, it is a full time job that deserves a little mandatory holiday thrown in. The idea of a Momcation may sound terrifying when your kids are small, especially if you have never been separated from them for longer than a day in Kindergarten, but temporary separation could do you both the world of good.

Take a step back from the chaos and anxiety of being a Mom, put their father in charge for the week and relax with some much needed “you” time.

Reasons to take a Momcation this year!

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1- It’s good for your family to have time away from you.

By taking yourself out of the home, you are forcing your family to adapt and interact with each other in new ways. It may sound harsh, but it’s really a positive thing for them. Let them explore a new family dynamic for a little while, learn more about each other qualities and help them develop their bonds in your absence.

2- Give your partner a taste of what it is like to be in your shoes.

Raising a couple of kids under five is hard work, especially if you are the one running around after them all day. There are so many daily tasks to juggle that a massive weight is lifted from your shoulders when you realize you don’t have to do them for a while. By passing the responsibility onto your partner, they get the chance to really understand what you do and develop a whole new appreciation for your work.

father taking care of baby

3- It’s good to have time away from them too.

Being a mom will, for better or worse, have redefined who you are to everybody – your partner, your family, and even yourself. You cannot forget that this is a small part of your personality, and you had a life and interests before the kids came along. A week away, perhaps in your hometown, can help you reconnect to those other aspects of your life. Whether you miss the shore, the theatre, or whatever else you loved, go and find it again.

4- Prove that you can be apart from them for a short period and the world will not end.

It is understandable if you feel as though you have to be there every step of the way for your kids as they grow up. Who else is going to sing them to sleep, make their food just right, and pick them up when they cry? The love and attention you give to your young child cannot be beaten; however, you shouldn’t underestimate the love and attention of a father or a grandparent either. Once you see that they coped without you, some of the anxieties of motherhood may start to dissolve, and you will feel better in the long run.

5- The joy of coming home at the end.

mom hugging child

The last reason for taking a momcation may sound a little corny, but it’s true: you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Separation makes the heart grow fonder, and all the little annoyances of motherhood gain a little perspective. When you come home from a momcation, hug your kids and swap stories about your awesome week, the world seems like a much better place.