The 6 Best Yoga Poses for Kids

Child at rest pose

I used to be a daily practitioner of yoga and meditation a few years ago. Now that sleep deprivation and morning sickness have become part of my past, I am confident and ready to embrace this craft once more.

This time around, however, I am focused on making it part of my routine instead of simply passing it out as just another one-off form of exercise for when I have free time (which is never).

I must admit, I am finally approaching that stage in my life where my children have developed an interest in Yoga and greatly lost interest in interrupting my sessions.

In as much as this might seem like good news, there is still a lot of jumping and pulling of hair taking place during my sessions. Such occurrences make it almost impossible to complete an asana.

This being the case, I made a resolve bring my kids into the routine rather than focusing on trying to work around them.

The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Kids are naturally flexible. I always struggle to get my heels to touch the floor in a proper down dog.

My little toddler, on the other hand, is in perfect form and always has his feet and hands flat on the ground with ease and in fact without straining much.

This is mainly because yoga for kids taps into the kid’s innate flexibility as well as the desire for movement.

This also increases the kid’s strength while at the same time also helping them to develop increased awareness about the manner in which their body move.

Different yoga practice themes such as the African Jungle or the Fairy Garden have helped my children to take advantage of their creativity making it easier for them to do the moves and as a result being able to easily move around.

Their own imagination assumes control and takes them all the way.

Imaginative Movement

Ashley Spicer, the co-founder of FLYAROO Fitness (a fitness program that incorporates yoga and dance and is specifically designed for preschoolers) whose main objective is to identify the best yoga poses for kids stresses the importance of focusing on incorporating the moves in the early part of the yoga practice especially when kids are still enthusiastic about exercising with you.

I have to admit, kid’s yoga is different from adult yoga since some poses are fast-paced while others are slow.

My kids have since been able to learn more about self-control while at the same time having their focus and general awareness enhanced.

Child at Rest

child at rest pose

This is my favorite for when my kids are tired. It stretches all the muscles throughout the entire body of my kids. In addition to this, it also calms down their mind and helps lengthen their spine.

Bring on the Animals

Yoga poses are usually named so literally that my kids have an easy time making connections between what their body is doing.

For Instance: The Cat and Cow pose is a good spine strengthener, letting kids assume such poses will help stretch the hips and increase coordination.

What’s more, it just feels good and doing it helps calm the body. In fact, once my kids mastered the moves down was able to assist them to master how to concentrate on their breath which is even more beneficial.

Nature’s Metamorphosis

It involves assuming the butterfly pose. it helps my kids stretch their hips and knees.

The placement of hands under the ankles and lifting of feet off the floor collectively help them develop core muscles while at the same time significantly boosting their energy.

Flying High

This one involves assuming an airplane pose.

My kids have a lot of fun doing this since it gives kids them the impression that they are flying around the world while in a real sense it is helping them improve their balance, posture, coordination and strengthening of the abdomen.

Stand Tall

It involves assuming a tree pose. It helps my kids stretch their legs and arms.

This one is extremely fun for my kids since they get to pretend to be swaying in the wind while holding their balance.

Everything is taken into consideration, kids’ Yoga requires a fair amount of physical, mental, and most importantly spiritual discipline.

So before I allowed my kids to partake in such exercises with me, I made sure they were first well-behaved.

I strongly suggest you do the same.