Top 5 Apps for Home Schooling Parents

homeschooling at kitchen table

When I started searching for educational apps to help me homeschool my now-tweens, I realized there are probably more apps out there than kids who are home-schooled.

There are more than a thousand applications related to learning and teaching, actually. However, not all of them are appropriate for homeschooling parents.

In a bid to make the life of other homeschooling parents easier, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best homeschooling apps I use – based on usefulness, ratings and recommendations.

Homeschool Helper

homeschool helper app

As the name suggests, this highly recommended app acts as a comprehensive guide / helper for homeschooling parents. There might be other lesson planning and syllabus tracking apps in the market, however, what sets this one apart is that it is specifically built for homeschoolers. I have done everything from planning the week’s lessons to keeping a track of learning progress to planning field excursions and more. You can also keep manage grade calculation and book lists with this exhaustive homeschooling app. The $4.99 app is good value for money and is available on the iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire tablets.


One of the most popular productivity apps of all time, Evernote is also manna from heaven for homeschooling parents. It helps in gathering, saving, and organizing learning files. The best part is that it syncs with all the devices, so you can access the lessons from virtually anywhere. I use this app for planning lessons, managing to do lists, and noting research findings – all in a single collaborated destination. The app is free on Android and iOS while desktop versions of the same can also be installed.



This popular and highly recommended app comes from the stable of the iHomeEducator series, who are known to bring out some of the best apps for homeschoolers. The lessons are well designed and organized to make it easy for homeschooling parents like me to keep records and meet my state’s stipulated requirements. Since all states have different requirements where homeschoolers are concerned, it is important to meet the state’s guidelines, and this app helps you do exactly that.

K12 Attendance App

k12 attendance screenshot iphone

This app is for homeschooling parents whose kids are studying in a K12 online school. The app has all the finer lesson planning and organizing already sorted out for you. With this app at hand, parents can track and log student attendance from just about any location. Frees everyone up a bit to work from different places in the home, or even outside of the home. This is a free app available on both – Google Play and iTunes.


lifetopix app

Lifetopix is a detailed and comprehensive app for organizing about twelve varying tasks of life including appointments, lists, health, money, shopping, education and events. This is ideal for parents like me who do not like to inundate their devices with a hundred different apps that perform a few tasks here and there, and instead prefer an app that does it all. Lifetopix’s education section will help you plan and organize lessons. It also works well in coordination with other apps such as Evernote. This detailed app comes at $4.99 and is available on iOS and Mac.