Halloween Costume Review – I’m a Parisian Showgirl this Year (ooh la la)!

halloween costumes

It is almost that time of the year again when all attention turns to October 31st – Halloween.  For me, Halloween is one of the best days of the year. I have always enjoyed myself thoroughly every Halloween since I was 5 years old, I think.

I enjoy everything about the holiday: talking about carving pumpkins, attending a bonfire party, playing pranks, or any other thing that can rush my adrenaline. I am not expecting any less this year.

I decided that after years of walking around as a parent, I would start wearing Halloween costumes again. And I’m going large this year – hopefully not too large.

Moulin Rouge + Pumpkins: That Works, Right?

Ok, so this is my Halloween Costume this year:

moulin rouge costume

I know, right? 🙂

I got the idea from one of the Flipboard magazines I follow called “Best Halloween Costumes for Adults” – check it out for yourself if you want. Flipboard is a cool personal magazine app for mobile devices – if you aren’t familiar with it.

In case you can’t already tell, this Parisian showgirl costume is inspired by the Moulin Rouge cabaret. The cabaret is in France and is still a popular entertainment venue.

This costume was developed to honor the Can-Can dance. During the Can-can dance period, dancers who used this costume were accompanied by clowns who pulled pranks and performed tricks to entertain the revelers at the Moulin Rogue.

Even if that movie with Nicole Kidman sucked, I really like this costume. Bought it on Amazon with my Prime account, and it will be here in a day.

What I Like About This Costume

It comes as a complete package

Forget those costumes where you have to buy each component separately; this one comes as a full package. The package contains a dress, a mini skirt, sleeves, a hat (which has a feather attached to it) and fingerless gloves. The only thing that you do not get is a cane and of course because a cane is optional. For those who love walking with canes on Halloween, you can buy it separately. The dress has an awesome, intricate design – especially for the price. It has a lace up bodice which can allow me to adjust the size of cleavage. Given that my husband is out of the country, this leaves me with a perplexing choice (hope you aren’t reading this, honey!).

It is made of 100% Polyester

I know what you’re thinking – but polyester is actually a great material for any costume. This material is really easy to hand wash, I mean, nothing stains it. Furthermore, it makes it very flexible for wearing. Although you can order different sizes, a if you can’t adjust the size you might end up feeling uncomfortable. But polyester flexes quite a bit, and it’s strong, so the costumer maker can sew all sorts of extenders and adjustments into it, which this one has.

It can be bought online

As someone who has little time to drive around town shopping for their Halloween costume, this makes it easy to be me ;-). You can buy it on the comfort of your couch or in your home office. I am sooo preoccupied with other things such as taking care of my family and work, so shopping online helps.

It has an adjustable skirt

The double layered skirt has another under skirt underneath which can be adjusted, depending on your height and shape. It’s suitable for anyone who like to show off their legs for a little eye candy give-back. The underskirt can change from knee length to a really short mini skirt. The outer skirt has trims of pink satin ruffles.

It is an adult costume

After spending so many years trouncing around with my kids in my jeans and sweatshirt, I want to have fun now! This one really fits my personality, too. A bit, shall we say, extroverted?

It is retro

During its times, the costume was used for almost all feminine activities that we have during modern-day Halloween. Women used to wear the costume to revel spots whether they went alone or with their partners. The costume became famous as it was used in dances, pranks, and any other activity that can be done on modern-day Halloween. To me, the costume is the missing puzzle for Halloween for adult women.

I can buy it on Amazon

As a wife and mother, I do not have the luxury of time to spare shopping around town for my costume. In my town, there really aren’t any specialty shops, so that means hunting and pecking through department store racks – yecch. Anything that can offer the convenience that I need in my otherwise very busy schedule, I will go for it. So, with 2-day door-to-door delivery, this was the best costume for me.

I can return it if it does not fit

In case I get the costume, and it fails to fit, I have the option of returning it and asking for another one. Not many costume stores allow this, but Amazon does (make sure Amazon is the vendor and not a third party, their policies may differ). Considering that Halloween comes only once a year, screwing up with an ill-fitting dress is the last thing that I want to do.

I already know a lot of people like it

So, after falling in love with the adult Parisian Showgirl costume, I did my research and looked at customer reviews of the costume, and I am not the only one who likes it. Other people think it is the best Halloween costume. That many people can’t be wrong!

And the best part…

It only cost me $49.95!

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