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Do you know someone who has died from an overdose?

I do. Two overdoses in my circle, actually. One very close relative many years ago, and a friend who died less than 4 months ago.

Overdosing is a truly sad, meaningless way to go. It leaves families and friends feeling terribly guilty, asking themselves “what did I miss” and blaming themselves with, “I should have been there!”.

In my friends case, his family had even covertly cut his hair while he was sleeping and sent it in for a hair follicle drug test – just to make sure he wasn’t lying about his use.

He was lying, of course. Addicts always do.

I recently ran across this touching site by the International Overdose Awareness Day association (which is on ____ this year, by the way).  The organization helps people around the world set up rememberance days in their community for people who’ve perished due to drug abuse.

On their online board, they let anyone leave a tribute post for someone they loved who died from a drug overdose. They keep it there for years.

It’s a touching way to anonymously remember the people in your lives who didn’t win their battle with addiction. Some of the tributes are heart-wrenching (see sample below).

overdose awareness day


Global Facts About Overdosing




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