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  1. How do you make your headers? Any tips would be so greatly appreciated!!

  2. Kari, I use PhotoShop. If you don't have PhotoShop you can try Fotoflexer if you have one photo that you want to use. You just upload to Fotoflexer, crop to a rectangle, resize (you can determine the average screen size that looks at your blog in Feedburner). From there you can add your blog name. Picasa free downloadable software is a way to do collage headers. Just download the software and upload some photos...I made a tutorial on making photo collages using Picasa free software, it's under tutorials. It's not so easy to know the size with Picasa...I wish that were a little clearer. But you would have to play with it to get it the size you need...just remember to keep it rectangular and that should help.


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