Reviewing the Leesa Mattress

For fifteen years, my hubby and I have been sleeping on a spring mattress. However, we recently both agreed that it was time to buy a new mattress. We opted for a new queen mattress we found online.

All of them we bought online, because you can return them risk-free (check out for an exhaustive list of mattresses available online).

Eventually, we both unanimously agreed on one, the “Leesa” mattress. Remember Goldilocks? Well, I am actually starting to feel a bit like her; having three beds and all. All the same, getting enough and sufficient sleep is extremely important to me, and more so if you fall under the category of “busy moms” like I do.

So, I first tried out the Tuft and Needle mattress, then tried the Casper Sleep mattress but I still felt quite unsatisfied by the overall result. In my mind, I was back to the starting line. I couldn’t bare the thought of shopping several of those dreadful mattress stores again.

Luck, however, was on my side as the guys from Leesa contacted me, and gave me some insight information into their new brand; the 100% American made all foam mattress. From the information they gave me, I could tell it was a brand worth trying.

Just like the other two companies that I had ordered from, the shopping process was simple and their prices were so affordable that I just couldn’t resist the offer. Within a few days (on the afternoon of Christmas Eve), our brand new Leesa Mattress was delivered.

Leesa Mattress arrives in box

From the very first time we saw it, it impressed us with its clean and simple packaging as well as the easy to follow instruction booklet that we found inside. Surprisingly, even after unwrapping the mattress, there was still no trace of any weird smell. Furthermore, the mattress expanded relatively quickly. We did have to leave it undisturbed in the bedroom for a few hours just to ensure full expansion.

The stylish exterior cover of the mattress also made a huge impression on us not only because of how aesthetically pleasing it was, but also because of how soft it was. You do not even need to use bed sheets. It even got me wishing that Leesa was in the business of designing and making bed linen.

Leesa Mattress unfolded

After the first night of sleeping on the mattress, my husband and I both woke up feeling quite refreshed and more optimistic that the mattress hunt was finally over. We wanted to give it a week before making a conclusion on the mattress.

A week turned into a month and a month into two and still here we are with absolutely no complain whatsoever about the bed. One thing is for sure, we are both getting a full night’s sleep and none of us has experienced back pains of any kind.

The mattress has also eliminated the annoying heat and subsequently, sweatiness brought about by some memory foam mattresses. With other mattresses, we would sometimes wake up with the sheets in a state of chaos and disarray as they would come off the corners of the bed. With the Leesa mattress however, this is a thing of the past. I know that this probably sounds like one of those first world problems but believe me, nothing is quite as annoying as sleeping on a well made bed and waking up with the bed sheets in disarray.

Whats more, the mattress is quite large and firm and this has ensured that both my husband and I are able to comfortably sleep on it without bumping into each other in the middle. Even I do not get bothered by my husbands turning and tossing any more. Getting a perfect mattress for a couple can be quite a difficult thing and the fact that we were able to get such a good deal within such a short period is something we are utterly thankful for.

Truth be told, everyone at Leesa deserves a pat on the back for working so hard to come up with this winning mattress formula. I may have spent 6 months trying out three different mattresses, but in the end, I chanced upon the perfect balance between the Casper mattress and the Tuft and Needle mattress; the Leesa mattress!