Saturday, April 28, 2012

Create Photo Collages & Banners with Picasa

In the last week, I have gotten several emails asking how to make photo collages with photos from a camera now that Picnik is gone and Photobucket has changed their photo editing options.

One option to  easily make really cool collages is Picasa Photo Editing Software from Mac.
It's completely free.
Doesn't take up a ton of room.
Is easy to use.
cnet recommends it ;-)

It's very easy to install.
It will walk you through installation.

Then you want to click on the icon

It will open in this window
You will see your iphoto library in the lower left, click on the album from which you want to edit/make collages. 

 If you just want to make a hold down your Shift key and click on several photos that you want to include in your collage.
{Easy Breezy!}

Once you have selected your photos, click the second button from the left to Create Collage :)

You could still always click the Library tab at the top left and add more photos if you wanted :)
Picasa gives you more collage options than Photobucket did.
You can have pre-made Mosaic collages.
You can slide that grid spacing bar to make the grid marks between and around the photos larger or smaller.

To see all of the options, click the Settings tab, try the different options until you get the one you like.

Frame Mosaic option.

If you want to completely play around and create, choose the Picture Pile option :-)

From here you can make photos larger and smaller, drag them around and place them where you want them.  Angle them...have fun with it!

You can make the photos larger and smaller by clicking on them and manipulating the little gauge with your mouse.

The album you chose the photos from will be in your left hand side and you can select other photos you want to use.

You can select your background/grid colors.
You can also use an image for your background.
Some folks upload scrapbook paper for backgrounds.
{Get creative!}

when you are happy with your collage, click 
Create Collage
in the lower left (next to desktop background and above close)

Now you can edit your collage, make it lighter, edit for redeye, even add effects like Instagram by using those green and blue palettes tabs ;-)

you can make the photo lighter or brighter, reduce shadows, etc.

you can add text to your collage :-)

When you have edited your collage, click File > Save As and name your collage...

You could even use the Picture Pile feature to make little banners and signs for your blog.
Click on text and type in and play with fonts, styles and word placing.

Then crop that little area out of your collage ;-)

And save it on your computer!


  1. Very nice tutorial! I have been using Picasa all the time lately to create collages. The one problem/irritation that I have with it is that when you create a mosaic, sometimes it cuts off your pics in ways that you don't really want them cut off. I guess the solution is to go back and edit the photo and recrop it yourself ahead of time so that it doesn't do that.

    1. I find it annoying that you can't "move" the picture around so to speak. If you have the photo highlighted in the collage (the ring around it) you can click View and Edit on the bottom and it will take you to a screen where you can crop that particular photo the way you want it in the collage. I would prefer they let you do it in the collage where you can see it,'s better than nothing, I guess.

    2. I know, I wish you could just move the photo around within the collage. You're right, though, it's better than nothing!

  2. So, Theresa...can you come to my house next time I get the bright idea for making a yearbook for our homeschool group? ;)
    Obviously, you have the technical skills...sadly, I do not! We did finally get the yearbook done though.
    Thanks for this tutorial! I will definitely be saving it for future reference:)

  3. Thanks! I appreciate this!

  4. Awesome, tutorial. I appreciate this, Theresa!

  5. This is wonderful. what a great resource. I have heard of downloading this software but was never sure what it could do. thank you for this.

  6. thanks for encouraging me to take a second look at picasa... google always scares me with security issues, but i think this will work out nicely. easy peezy. ;)

    1. I downloaded it and it was completely fine. After that, it's just all saved on your computer :)


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